Tampa Dental Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What insurances do you accept.

Dental Health Experts accepts all PPO insurance plans, as long as you can choose your doctor, we generally accept your insurance.  If you don’t know what type of plan you have, call us at 813-374-0302 and we will be happy to call the insurance company for you to determine if your benefits are eligible at our office.

Q:  Can I schedule an appointment for a cleaning only?

There are different levels of cleaning based on your oral condition.  Cleanings are prescribed by doctors and in order for a doctor to prescribe your cleaning an initial evaluation is necessary.  Cleanings are usually done on the second visit.

Q: Are X-rays really necessary?

YES.  Exams consist of two parts.  The first is X-rays which are used to diagnose and detect cavities between teeth and below the gums which likely cannot be seen by the naked eye.  X-rays also detect loss of bone, abnormalities in jaw structure and many diseases that may not be visible during the oral exam.  A full set of digital X-rays is required upon your first visit and follow up bitewings are taken once a year.

Q: Are the dentist and hygienist licensed?

Dental Health Experts carefully hand-pick their highly-trained clinicians.  All doctors and hygienists are fully licensed in the state in which they practice.

Q:  Are you currently accepting new patients?

Absolutely! Our practice is designed for efficiency and flow; therefore we usually can see you in the same day you call!  Your initial appointment as a new patient to Dental Health Experts includes a thorough comprehensive examination, a full set of digital X-rays and a consultation with a doctor.  A treatment coordinator will then educate you on your treatment plan and will help coordinate any future appointments.  Call 813-374-0302 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Q:  Why can’t I find pricing anywhere on your site?

Pricing often varies.  Without first seeing you it’s impossible to diagnose over the phone.  Therefore, to avoid confusion, it’s our policy to see you first before pricing is given.  Our prices are not the lowest because certain costs are associated with using the high quality dental materials, but they are also not the highest.  We are fairly competitive with other dental practices in our market.  Beware of “Discount Dental Practices”!  In order to provide cheap service, the discount dental practice must cut corners somewhere, often by using cheaper, less durable materials.  Another common tactic is to build in hidden costs to make the treatment appear cheaper at the outset, but in reality the patient is “nickel and dimed” to death after they agree to treatment.

Q:  How do I schedule appointments with a specialist?

To schedule an appointment with a specialist in our office, a referral is needed from a general dentist for that specific specialist.

Q:  Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare?

Unfortunately, we do not accept these programs.  We do however offere those patients a 15% discount for utilizing our services, We also offer interest free payment plans.