Unfortunately, in some situations, a tooth or teeth have had such extensive destruction by cavities or gum disease that the tooth or teeth must be removed.  Many times this situation arises after a dentist has already informed the patient about a problem with the tooth, but the patient chooses not to take action.  Once the destructive diseases so common in the mouth establish a firm foothold in the teeth or gums, deterioration can happen very rapidly.  The above fact is why it is so critical to establish a consistent maintenance program and, additionally, to get professional dental help immediately when there is any sign of a problem.   When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth often shift and tilt since the stability of the arch has been compromised by the loss of the extracted tooth.  This situation leads to an increased risk for cavities, periodontal disease and the loss of more teeth.   To prevent additional loss of teeth, it is very important to replace missing teeth with partials, bridges or implants, depending on the unique situation of each individual.  At Dental Health Experts, we will take the time to speak with you about all of your dental concerns and make sure that you are fully comfortable in your treatment choices.

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