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Cavities (Tooth Decay!)

  • Caused by highly destructive bacteria that feed on sugar.

  • Destroys the teeth and tunnels toward the nerve causing painful toothaches and abscesses.

  • If caught early, can be treated with simple fillings.

  • If ignored and allowed to worsen, will lead to infection of the nerve, toothache and need for a rootcanal!


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Dental cavities are areas of destruction on the teeth caused by the presence of harmful and destructive bacterial plaque.  The bacteria that form plaque are present in different levels in everyone’s mouth.  Some people have a more destructive level or type of bacteria present while others may have teeth that are more susceptible to the effects of plaque.   These situations lead to more frequent and/or more severe tooth decay.  Tooth decay starts as a small painless area on a tooth, but if left untreated almost always grows in size and severity.  Tooth decay starts on the surface of  tooth, but once through the outer protective enamel layer, can quickly spread to the interior of the tooth and into the nerve.  Small and medium sized cavities almost never cause pain, but deep and/or large cavities can cause severe pain and require rootcanals or extractions to relieve the pain.  Therefore, it is very important to have cavities treated before they cause any pain.    If they are treated while they are small, costly and more complex dental procedures can often be avoided.  Tooth decay is a very serious problem in America costing patients millions of dollars per year in dental expenses and lost wages.   Our caring dentists and hygienists strive to educate and assist all of our patients in ensuring the most effective and efficient removal of plaque while brushing and flossing at home.   With proper dental care and good oral hygiene, people can prevent tooth decay, maintain their teeth and end up spending far less time and money at the dental office.  The caring dental professionals at Dental Health Experts will take the time to help you do what it takes to prevent and treat tooth decay and cavities.